At Lexington Online Auction superior service to our clients is what we will bring to you with our expertise in the online auction business.  We want to serve you buy getting the most amount of exposure for your consignments. Lexington Online Auction is an excellent way for individuals and businesses to convert assets into cash quickly and efficiently. Lexington Online  Auction offers excellent service for sellers through auctions conducted online or in person.

Lexington Online Auction charges a standard consignment fee for selling your quality items online.  Consignment fees may vary depending on certain personal property types.  We also offer professional pickup of your items if you call ahead and schedule a time with our staff. Charges vary depending on where the items are to be picked up.  Also, you may drop off your items to be sold at Lexington Online Auction on certain days listed for pickup/drop off.  Please call ahead to check if items are being accepted for quality consignment auctions currently and/or when your items can be dropped off.  We only sell quality merchandise, we do not accept poor conditioned items or items with no value. There will be exceptions made when auctioning off entire estates.

Please contact us by email at or by phone at 859-230-9848 if you are interested in selling your consignment items at Auction!
Estate Auctions
How much does it cost to hire Lexington Online Auction to sell my estate?

Here at Lexington Online Auction, we work on a commission basis with us receiving a percentage of the final sales.  This percentage will vary depending on the type and value of the merchandise.  The knowledge and experience that a professional company like Lexington Online Auction brings may actually MAKE you money instead of COSTING you money.  We have knowledge of item values, experience in organizing and marketing, and a following of buyers that attend our online sales.

Contact us today if you are interested in Lexington Online Auction giving you their professional opinion on the sale of your estate.  Call 859-230-9848 or email us at
Selling Real Estate at Auction
An auction is a highly efficient and expeditious way to sell any type of real estate. The terms are straightforward and competitive bidding generates market value. Here are some key benefits our sellers enjoy.

    - The sale cycle is compressed and time specific.
    - There is no risk of overpricing or underpricing the property.
    - Auction heightens the buyer’s interest and attracts attention in a crowded market.
    - All properties benefit from a professional, customized advertising campaign.
    - Buyers come qualified and prepared to buy.
    - There is no requirement to do work on the property; it sells as-is.
    - Quick disposal reduces long-term carrying costs such as taxes, insurance & maintenance.
    - Protracted and unknown time on the market is not a factor.
    - “Saturation Marketing” generates maximum exposure for the property.
    - The seller knows exactly when the property will sell and can plan accordingly.
    - The hassle of ongoing showings is reduced.
    - The headache of negotiating is eliminated.
    - Contingencies (inspections, financing, etc.) are not allowed.
    - Competition produces market value.

Please contact us by email at or by phone at 859-230-9848 if you are interested in learning more about selling your property at Auction!
Fundraiser and Benefit Auctions are one of the absolute best and most successful ways to raise funds for non-profit or charitable causes.  Sometimes getting the “free” auctioneer actually ends up costing the benefit event in the long run by not raising the funds that could be obtained by a professional auctioneer that has a plan and the expertise to make your event a success.

Lexington Online auction has many methods to make your auction experience the best yet and to not only provide excellent service to your organization but also to make it the most successful fundraiser yet!  Ordinary fundraisers you have a limited audience to reach which also means a limited amount of funds that can be donated to your special event.  With internet fundraising / benefit auctions we can maximize your exposure and also have a significantly larger audience that would like to help your organization and/or cause but simply cannot make it to the designated time/place for your event.  No high overhead costs to host your engagement and the online element also eliminates the possibility of schedule conflict so more people can bid on your items!

With our format you have many days for your auction items to appeal to a much larger base of potential bidders to donate to a great cause!

Contact us today to learn more about our fundraiser / benefit online auctions.  We also can fulfill your needs by coming on site to do live auctions as well.  No event is too large or too small, we can handle it all!  Our phone number is 859-230-9848, or you can email us at
We are now accepting submissions for livestock consignment sales. To begin the process, please print, complete and submit a Livestock Auction Listing form (see links for forms below).

LOA Livestock Auction Listing Form
LOA Livestock Auction Listing Detail - Addendum

To set up your personalized livestock consignment sale, or for more information on livestock consignment auctions, please call us at 859-230-9848 or email us at and our local Livestock/Farm equipment professional will be able to answer any questions you may have.
Business Liquidations
Considering retiring, changing occupations and/or getting rid of your business assets fast?

We can handle every aspect of selling your business. We offer a service that can reach unlimited buyers with the use of the internet. We can sell the complete business package, real estate and inventory. We want to make the process of liquidating your business as simple and profitable as possible with little effort from you. By liquidating your business online you are hitting a much broader audience and are able to get buyers that are looking for your specific property. We can come to your location and take photos, catalog and have inspection onsite or pick up property for you and store at our warehouse.
Let us turn your business assets into cash fast!!

Call today at 859-230-9848 or email us at to schedule a free evaluation of your liquidation needs.
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