The auction industry has existed as long as there have been people with products to sell and people with an interest in buying those products.

Choosing to use the online auction is the simplest and smartest choice to maximize your real estate and personal property assets.  With the internet growing exponentially every day the amount of exposure you get from your real estate and/ or personal property being online is limitless.

An auction is the most pure form of free market.  The seller offers an item to an interested group of buyers at which they begin the bid against one another to decide the true market value until only one buyer is left.  This is how the true market value is obtained.  The item is not offered for sale at too high of a price without any interested buyers; nor, is it sold too low and loses potential profit.

Technology is an amazing tool that can benefit the auction business in many ways.  With online auctions you reach not only folks in your area but also potential buyers statewide, nationwide and even in other countries.  At Lexington Online Auction we can turn your assets into cash quickly with the most exposure possible within a short time frame.

We feel like most people have possessions that they would like or need to sell, but unfortunately do not have the means to do so.  Also some people may feel uncomfortable with the responsibility of shipping items after the sale when using other online outlets.  With other online local marketplaces that people buy and sell with, many have concerns with meeting complete strangers to complete transactions without the guarantee of a sale.  With Lexington Online Auction we remove all of the headache and uncertainty and can have professional staff work with you the client to sell your personal property and/or real estate.  We offer pickup and delivery if necessary at additional charge.

In 2014, the internet auction industry grew to $298 billion dollars and the rise of online real estate auctions is increasing the public perception and knowledge of online auctions overall.  Auctions are fast becoming the first choice for people who want to sell real estate and personal property all across the world.

Here are just a few reasons to sell at an auction:

    - Speedy Process, Quick Turnaround.
    - We Set the Time and Place of Your Online Sale.
    - You Know Exactly When Your Real Estate / Personal Property Will Be Sold.
    - Comprehensive Marketing of Your Property To a Large Amount of Potential Online Bidders.
    - Online Bidders Are Prepared to Buy.
    - No Negotiations.
    - Competitive Online Bidding.
    - Exciting Online Bidding Atmosphere.
    - Online Auctions Work Well in Both Good and Bad Economic Times.

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